URL is Microsoft Office Setup Official link that enables a user to downlaod Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal or Office 2019 and activate Office Setup for different devices Windows, Mac, Android.

Now the Point is User is looking for URL then, you might have already purchased Office Setup from Microsoft Store and now either want to download a latest version of office or older version or Redeem Office Setup product key to Activate Office.If you have not purchased and looking for right place, get office product from

In this Article will provide guidance to follow steps for to Create Microsoft Office Account, Redeem Office Setup Key, Office Setup download,Install Office on Windows or Mac PC and Activate Office.

If your product key is for Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal or Office 2019, redeem it at

  1. Type Official site for Office Setup
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account or Create new one
  3. Enter Office Setup Product Key
  4. Choose Country and Language,Click Redeem
  5. After successfull product key verification, Click download link
  6. Install Downloaded file
  7. Open any Office App, Your Office is Activated Now

Where is my Product Key?

The Office product key is a unique, 25 alphanumeric characters code which are required by Office software during the activation procedure. It helps the Office developers to confirm that every application was legally purchased. You can find your product key at back of your product card or on the will look similar to this : 7T56H-RT43Y-DEW45-67YHN-QW3F4

Where do I enter my Office Product key?

If your product key is for Microsoft 365 Business or other business products, redeem it at If your product key is for Office 2010, Office 2007, or Office for Mac 2011, you can redeem it and download Office here. Otherwise, try

How to download office setup?

Download Office 2007, Office 2010 and Office for Mac 2011

  1. Go to
  3. Click on Link
  4. Enter the 25-character product key that came with your product purchase in the field below.
  5. After the product key is verified, select a product language from the menu.
  6. Click a download link to begin the download.

Download and install Office 2013 for a single PC, Office 2016 for a single PC and Office 2016 for a single Mac

  1. Type in your browser
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account
  3. Enter 25 character product key
  4. 32 bit or 64 bit Version and Then Click "Next"
  5. Click Redeem Product Key, "Next"
  6. Click download link to begin the download

How to Install Office Setup?

Install Office Setup in Windows

  1. Click on Start Menu, Type " Downloads"
  2. Click on Folder, Locate downlaoded Office Setup file
  3. If yo have antivirus installed, Go to firewall setting and disable it
  4. Double click on .exe file
  5. Software Certificate Wizard will Open,Click on Run
  6. Click on "Install" to start Installation Process
  7. Check on "I Agree term and Conditions"
  8. Follow onScreen instruction for installation process.

Install Office Setup in MacOS

  1. Search Downloaded Office Setup file
  2. Double Click to run exe
  3. Click OK to provide installation permission on Mac
  4. Software Certificate Wizard will Open,Click on Run
  5. Click on "Install" to start Installation Process
  6. Check on "I Agree term and Conditions"
  7. Follow onScreen instruction for installation process.

How to Activate Office Setup?

  1. Open any of the Office applications to the device.
  2. And then, click the “Activate Now” button.when prompted.
  3. Then, click the “Next” button. After this, you will be directed to the page of Office Activate.
  4. Here, enter 25 digit office product key in the space provided to you.
  5. And then, click the “Activate” button. Thus, the Office Setup gets activated to the device.

Get Started with Office 2019 or Office 365 from

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is sold as a one-time purchase, which means you pay a single, up-front cost to get Office apps for one computer. One-time purchases are available for both PCs and Macs. However, there are no upgrade options which means if you plan to upgrade to the next major release, you’ll have to buy it at full price.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription that includes the most collaborative, up-to-date features in one seamless, integrated experience. Microsoft 365 includes the robust Office desktop apps that you’re familiar with, like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You also get extra online storage and cloud-connected features that let you collaborate on files in real time. With a subscription, you’ll always have the latest features, fixes and security updates along with ongoing tech support at no extra cost. You can choose to pay for your subscription on a monthly or yearly basis, and the Microsoft 365 Family plan lets you share your subscription with your family for up to 6 people, and use your apps on multiple PCs, Macs, tablets and phones. You can go to and complete subscriptoin process

Use of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Bookings – It is an app that is designed for small businesses. The app helps them to maintain their appointment and comes with the subscription of Office 365 Business Premium.

Microsoft Flow – using this you can control and manage the workflow of the available apps because it has features such as emails, IM alerts, file copying, and transferring facilities, and so on.

Microsoft Forms – this feature comes with Office 365 Education. You can use it to create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and any such documents. Moreover, you can also invite others to be a part of it and export it to excel for your convenience.

Microsoft Graph API – one can use to build apps related to anything. All you need to do is, go through a single endpoint and you are done.

Microsoft MyAnalytics – you can use it for having daily work patterns. It also helps you by improving your mistakes related to your work.

Microsoft Planner – the tool allows the users to manage the tasks that require teamwork. It is similar to Microsoft Teams, where you can collaborate and connect with people who are a part of a particular task.

Microsoft StaffHub – the cloud-based app allows the employees to manage their schedules and keeping them connected through their mobile devices.

Support while Setup from

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